Fun Friday: Sticky notes

I’m a fan of sticky notes — physical and virtual. I’ve had my share of to-do lists and notes-to-self stuck to walls, in books, along the edge of the computer monitor. So I can relate to these sticky-related videos.

The first one is a little long, but keeps your attention. Years in the artists’ life are animated via the traditional yellow sticky.


This stop-motion video was created for a contest sponsored by 3M, makers of Post-It.


And this stop-motion video shows what your sticky notes do when you’re on deadline.


Fun Friday: Stop-motion

In celebration of the impending weekend, here are some videos to brighten your day (if the fact it’s almost the weekend didn’t do that already.)

I wish my books danced like that. (You’ll have to click through to watch it on YouTube, but it should load pretty quickly.)

And here, an art student shows off his senior project: A pop-up book of skyscrapers. It’s really quite something.