Pretty paper boxes

On a trip to the Michael’s craft supplies store before the wedding for something else, I spotted in one of the aisles those unfinished wooden boxes they sell for woodworking projects. Suddenly I was gripped by an uncontrollable urge to indulge my love of pretty papers by making decoupage keepsake boxes as gifts for my bridesmaids. I’d already picked out gifts for them, but decided these boxes would be perfect to put the gifts in. As the wedding got closer, I seemed to keep inventing projects that needed to be done. These boxes were the last of such projects, but were a lot of fun to make.


With the help of my sister, I made decoupage keepsake boxes as gifts for my bridesmaids.

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Time to get crafty


I paid a visit to Michael's craft supplies store yesterday. Whenever they ask if I found everything I needed, I always feel a smidge guilty because I find MORE than I needed. That store can be dangerous!

Last weekend I went to a Borders closing sale and picked up the A Card A Day compilation book by PaperCrafts. Ever since the wedding — and really even before that, the wedding just exacerbated it — I’ve been wanting to learn more about/get better at paper crafting. When it comes to art and crafty things, I often feel like I’m more of a “creative director” than an artist. I know what I like and how I want a particular project to look, I’m just not so good at all the fine details of the execution of the project. I was so blessed to have such an artistic sister/MOH to help me out so much with wedding projects!

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