View from the rearview

Mountains in Late Afternoon

Mountains in late afternoon

Today while driving I wished I could take a picture of the snowcapped mountains I saw in my rearview mirror. It was one of those sights that make me glad to live here. This picture doesn’t do justice. And is taken from the sidewalk, not the rearview.


As time goes by…

screen capture

A screen capture from Mindrelic's timelapse video of Rochester and Western NY.

I came across these timelapse photography videos by Mindrelic on Vimeo and wanted to share. First, I love how the videos showcase the contrast between New York City and the rest of New York state. Second, as someone who grew up in Rochester but no longer lives there, I will admit the video about Rochester and Western New York made me a little nostalgic. Third, I enjoy the fact that the ability to even create videos like this exists. I get caught up in the movement and the music. I especially enjoy the light quality the artist was able to convey in the images of the clouds and sunrise and sunsets. Enjoy!

It’s a Hipstamatic controversy


Hipstamatic photo for NY Times
Award-winning photo by Damon Winter for The New York Times.


A recent award-winning New York Times photo series has come under fire and found itself at the center of controversy over apps in photojournalism. The photos, by Times photog Damon Winter, won third place for feature picture story from Pictures of the Year International. He took them using an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app, which takes digital photos using settings that give them an “analog” feel … aka so they look like they were shot using old film.

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