Save the words!

save the words is devoted to words.


“See I’m all about them words/Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words/Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards/More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive…”

I think should take these lyrics by Jason Mraz as their motto. (Though these particular words may not be highbrow enough for them.) The organization’s mission: To promote the use of words that would otherwise fall out of active use and be lost from the English language.

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Live the Language

EF Language Schools has crafted a series of well-executed commercials that view more like art. I especially enjoy the juxtaposition of images and typography into a fluid whole — but then, I’m a sucker for that! The videos/commercials also capture the sense of wonder and adventure that traveling somewhere new evokes.

Makes my toes itch to do a little traveling!

In addition to the Paris video above, EF has also made videos for Barcelona, Beijing and London.

screen capture EF London