Immigrants embrace tablets: A question of numbers

ownership graph

Graphic from Rebtel.

Rebtel, an independent mobile VoIP company, recently conducted a study of U.S. immigrant and first-generation consumer mobile use and behavior. Their results, released yesterday, indicate that 13 percent of respondents — representing about 5 million people — already own a tablet device. Meanwhile, Read Write Web, in its take on the results, points out that according to the respected non-profit Pew Internet & American Life Project, 4 percent of Americans own tablets and 5 percent own e-readers. Why the gap in adoption rates between immigrants and citizens, Read Write Web ponders. A good question, but perhaps a misleading one.

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Cover me Kindle

Book purse

Mix old and new technologies with this "book purse" for your Kindle.

I resisted embracing e-readers for a long time. I love books. I am loyal to books. People are amazed at the size of my husband’s and my combined collection, and even more so when we tell them we still have several boxes of books in storage. I can quite happily spend several hours in a bookstore, wandering the aisles and flipping through pages.

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