DIY: Pink and brown polka-dot wedding shower card

pink and brown wedding shower card

This handmade card in pink and brown was made for a couples' wedding shower.


When I’m making a card for someone, I like to let the theme of the event help guide my selection of papers. This particular card was for a couple’s wedding shower. I knew the wedding colors to be pink and brown, so I used the textured chocolate-colored paper as the base. I also had a textured pink-and-cream damask print paper I knew I wanted to use — the damask pattern is fuzzy to the touch! I thought it was very elegant, but I didn’t want the card to feel super formal. I’ll save that for the actual wedding card. So, I decided to take my cue from the polka-dot texture on my base card stock paper, and pulled in two other polka dot papers in shades of pink and brown, as well as a sheer brown ribbon with white polka dots to keep things on the playful side. The paper doily is another easy way to bring another intricate pattern to the design.

To make this card yourself:

1. Cut your card stock into your desired size. Round the edges.

2. Cut and layer your patterned papers. Here, the pink-and-cream polka dot paper is in a thin rectangle along the bottom, the brown-and-pink polka dot paper is in a smaller square, with the damask paper overlapping the other two to take up the most visual space. Glue the patterned papers to each other, but do not affix to the base card stock yet.

3. Measure ribbon to wrap around the layered patterned papers. Cut the ribbon and affix to the papers. You can use a clear-drying glue stick or glue dots. Adhere the papers with the affixed ribbon to the base card stock.

4. Layer a rectangular piece of the same base card stock paper and a paper doily and adhere to the card.

5. Stamp sentiment and affix decorative plate with brads. Embellish with stick-on pearls and dimensional flower die-cut.


True love: wedding cards

Purple wedding card

Always and forever.

Both the husband and I have cousins who have either recently gotten married or are about to be. So, I got to make some wedding cards! I always think it’s nice when wedding cards and things echo the colors or theme of a wedding. Since I was the one doing the making, I got to choose! Above, a card for an elegant wedding in a city. The card is of black card stock with decorative black and white paper wrapped around to leave a border at the top and bottom. The sentiment is stamped on a hand-cut, linen-weave paper in light purple. It has decorative pearl and ribbon accents — the ribbon was originally purchased for a project for my own wedding!

Green and ivory wedding card

Love, honor and cherish.

This card is for a couple marrying in a sweet country wedding in an outdoor setting. This is reflected in the ivory and green color scheme and floral embellishments. Ivory card stock is covered front and back with a floral patterned paper in green. An ivory card stock cutout is hand-stamped with a floral embellishment. A pre-cut paper is hand-stamped with the “love. honor. cherish” sentiment and flower. The card is tied with a light green ribbon.

Bonus card:

Red and White Card

Red and white card.

I made this card for Easter, but it could be given for a wedding or other occasion. Red card stock is layered with red-and-white striped paper, white ribbon, and die-cut flower embellishment. Ribbon loops are held with a jewel.

Butterfly birthday

Butterfly birthday card

Birthday card for my sister-in-law.

I was rather pleased with how this birthday card for my sis-in-law turned out. I chose fun, bright pink colors, offset by the dark brown. The top edge of the front of the card is cut away, so that you see the paper I lined the inside with, and so the butterfly die-cut would stand out. I also rounded all the corners to give the card a more finished look. The birthday greeting went on the inside, with my new stamps! (This card helped convince hubby I needed some. He has a soft spot for his “little” sister, I think!)

Now to see if I can continue making cards as successful as this one!

Butterfly birthday card inside

Here you can see the card from a different angle.

Charting a happy birthday

4th Card

This card went to my brother-in-law for his birthday.

March is a big month for birthdays in my husband’s family, so it’s been a good way to get my card-making projects off the ground. This particular card was “marked” for my brother-in-law’s birthday. When it came time to put it together, I realized I have an abundance of flowery, cutesy papers and not so many of the — shall we say — “manly” papers. My husband actually helped me pick these out of the many. His logic: The map paper because my husband’s family has traveled together extensively, and the diamond-patterned paper for the colors and because the birthday guy seems to have a certain fondness for argyle sweaters. Add a few travel-themed stickers and we have a perfectly personalized birthday card!

Stay tuned for more birthday cards and an Easter-themed card project I am working on.