Fun Friday: Kinetic Typography

Today’s Fun Friday videos use kinetic typography to illustrate audio clips. Above, the famed Abbot & Costello “Who’s on First” routine.

The poem, “So You Want A Social Life, With Friends” by Kenneth Koch.

This last one is my personal favorite of these. It’s another poem, about having conviction.

I love how you can get wrapped up in the words moving by. It’s a different sensory experience than just watching a video clip of the people speaking. I get caught up in the motion of the changing words … it gives them more weight, so to speak. If you want more kinetic typography videos, check out The Inspiration Blog’s Top 10 list.


Time to get crafty


I paid a visit to Michael's craft supplies store yesterday. Whenever they ask if I found everything I needed, I always feel a smidge guilty because I find MORE than I needed. That store can be dangerous!

Last weekend I went to a Borders closing sale and picked up the A Card A Day compilation book by PaperCrafts. Ever since the wedding — and really even before that, the wedding just exacerbated it — I’ve been wanting to learn more about/get better at paper crafting. When it comes to art and crafty things, I often feel like I’m more of a “creative director” than an artist. I know what I like and how I want a particular project to look, I’m just not so good at all the fine details of the execution of the project. I was so blessed to have such an artistic sister/MOH to help me out so much with wedding projects!

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