Fun Friday: Book trailers

There’s an interesting trend I’ve noticed coming out of the publishing industry: Trailers for books. Not a trailer filled with books, as in a Bookmobile. I mean like movie trailers, but for books that haven’t even been made into a movie yet. These trailers run the gamut from cute and polished, to campy, to homemade but sincere. They’re almost like extended book jacket blurbs in a way. I find it interesting that we’re such a multimedia culture now that even books need trailers.

Here’s a cute one for a children’s book, titled, plainly enough, “It’s A Book.”

A slightly less cute, but somewhat funny, trailer for “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters,” a retelling of the Jane Austen classic.

And finally, this trailer was created by the author herself for her memoir, “Love in Translation.” The video is slightly cheesy, but it does make me interested in the book. Go figure.


Fun Friday: Stop-motion

In celebration of the impending weekend, here are some videos to brighten your day (if the fact it’s almost the weekend didn’t do that already.)

I wish my books danced like that. (You’ll have to click through to watch it on YouTube, but it should load pretty quickly.)

And here, an art student shows off his senior project: A pop-up book of skyscrapers. It’s really quite something.