1 Song, 4 Minutes and 40 Memes

If you think you’re a meme expert than, boy oh boy, do we have the video for you.  The GAG Quartet has put together a veritable meme-fest—a 4-minute song featuring over 40 memes, from Nyan Cat to Troll Face, Trololo Guy, Numa Numa, Rebecca Black’s Friday and more… [via SocialTimes.com.]

This song reminds me of something the guys from The Big Bang Theory might put together if they weren’t so busy being physicists and aerospace engineers, going to the comic book store, and trying to figure out girls. Oh, and if they were real people. The bassist does remind me a tiny bit of Jim Parsons in character as Sheldon. Speaking of Sheldon, he and Amy Farrah Fowler did try their hand at meme theory study once…

“You’re a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler!” Probably my favorite line from the show ever.

I personally only got the joke on three or four of the memes. They didn’t do one on Princess Beatrice’s wedding hat, but then again, the guys of the GAG Quartet (which is actually a trio) don’t seem to be the type who would follow memes about hats. If you want more of a how-to guide to understanding the video in all its meme-filled glory, the SocialTimes article points out that there’s a helpful guide and commentary compiled by Reddit users here.


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