DIY: Pink and brown polka-dot wedding shower card

pink and brown wedding shower card

This handmade card in pink and brown was made for a couples' wedding shower.


When I’m making a card for someone, I like to let the theme of the event help guide my selection of papers. This particular card was for a couple’s wedding shower. I knew the wedding colors to be pink and brown, so I used the textured chocolate-colored paper as the base. I also had a textured pink-and-cream damask print paper I knew I wanted to use — the damask pattern is fuzzy to the touch! I thought it was very elegant, but I didn’t want the card to feel super formal. I’ll save that for the actual wedding card. So, I decided to take my cue from the polka-dot texture on my base card stock paper, and pulled in two other polka dot papers in shades of pink and brown, as well as a sheer brown ribbon with white polka dots to keep things on the playful side. The paper doily is another easy way to bring another intricate pattern to the design.

To make this card yourself:

1. Cut your card stock into your desired size. Round the edges.

2. Cut and layer your patterned papers. Here, the pink-and-cream polka dot paper is in a thin rectangle along the bottom, the brown-and-pink polka dot paper is in a smaller square, with the damask paper overlapping the other two to take up the most visual space. Glue the patterned papers to each other, but do not affix to the base card stock yet.

3. Measure ribbon to wrap around the layered patterned papers. Cut the ribbon and affix to the papers. You can use a clear-drying glue stick or glue dots. Adhere the papers with the affixed ribbon to the base card stock.

4. Layer a rectangular piece of the same base card stock paper and a paper doily and adhere to the card.

5. Stamp sentiment and affix decorative plate with brads. Embellish with stick-on pearls and dimensional flower die-cut.


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