Use social media to promote your business blog

So you’ve got a blog promoting your business. Now how do you promote your blog? Try some of the tips in this post about harnessing the power of other social media to promote your blog — and your business — from Entrepreneur mag blogger Susan Gunelius. Hints include both connecting more while making use of automated features.

If that’s not enough reading to keep you busy, check out these links and hints for improving your business blog.

1. SEO for Small Business

Now that you’re promoting your blog with social media, help your desired audience find you.

2. Business Blog Tips that Make a Difference

Clean it up, keep it simple and smile for the camera.

3. Best Blogging Tips and Guides

2011 is only half-way through, so while we’re waiting to get through the rest of the year we’ll have to make do with this 2010 “best of” guide from Social Media Today. I think you’ll find the compilation to have maintained its relevance.

4. Tips for Building a Strong, Vibrant Network

After all, that’s what all this blogging and social networking is about, right?








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