True love: wedding cards

Purple wedding card

Always and forever.

Both the husband and I have cousins who have either recently gotten married or are about to be. So, I got to make some wedding cards! I always think it’s nice when wedding cards and things echo the colors or theme of a wedding. Since I was the one doing the making, I got to choose! Above, a card for an elegant wedding in a city. The card is of black card stock with decorative black and white paper wrapped around to leave a border at the top and bottom. The sentiment is stamped on a hand-cut, linen-weave paper in light purple. It has decorative pearl and ribbon accents — the ribbon was originally purchased for a project for my own wedding!

Green and ivory wedding card

Love, honor and cherish.

This card is for a couple marrying in a sweet country wedding in an outdoor setting. This is reflected in the ivory and green color scheme and floral embellishments. Ivory card stock is covered front and back with a floral patterned paper in green. An ivory card stock cutout is hand-stamped with a floral embellishment. A pre-cut paper is hand-stamped with the “love. honor. cherish” sentiment and flower. The card is tied with a light green ribbon.

Bonus card:

Red and White Card

Red and white card.

I made this card for Easter, but it could be given for a wedding or other occasion. Red card stock is layered with red-and-white striped paper, white ribbon, and die-cut flower embellishment. Ribbon loops are held with a jewel.


One thought on “True love: wedding cards

  1. The red and white card would have been perfect for Brennen and Courtney Strimple 🙂 I like the cards…very nice…I know the hand-made touch means so much. Sometimes I like to incorporate parts of the invitation in my homemade cards to the Bride and Groom…something borrowed from their invitation and turned into something new. I have done this many times and the bride has always been thrilled with having a piece of her invitation incorporated into the design.

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