8 resources for overcoming your business’ social media strategy slump

For nearly all businesses these days, maintaining a certain level of social media presence is a must. And as we’ve all heard, an effective social media strategy can drive business, increase sales, build a sense of community and lead to the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But you’ve probably discovered by now that in practice, just implementing social media isn’t a magic key ā€” it requires some hard work and careful strategy. So, instead of ripping your hair out as you try to figure out what works and what doesn’t, check out these articles and sites for proven strategies.

1. Inc.’s 8 Tips for Using Social Blogging to Grow Your Business

This article from Inc. magazine provides a comprehensive overview and tips for adding social blogging to your social media toolkit. Nutshell: Social blogging is all about growing by building a community.

2. Social Media and Business Strategy

Forbes mag blogger Bruce Upbin held a series of Skype chats with social media experts. Here, watch Bruno Aziza on how to connect with consumers via social media and improving internal communications.

3. HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy

If you don’t already follow Mashable, you should. The go-to site covers everything from social and digital media to technology and culture. When it comes to implementing a social media business strategy, first things are still first. This article offers a step-by-step checklist to help you get started. And don’t let the date fool you: While the article is from late 2009, its advice is still current.

4. Pushing Social’s 33 Common Business Blog Mistakes

This blog is dedicated to the art of blogging, and this particular post is all about the business blog. Is your business blog stalled and not taking off the way you’d hoped? This post address key issues from strategy and purpose to your blog’s nuts and bolts. There’s something here for everyone looking to jump start a sluggish business blog.

5. 11 Ways to Find New Content for Your Social Strategy

You can’t participate in social media without content. Sometimes having to come up with all that fresh content social media demands can seem a daunting task. These tips and tricks from SocialMedia Examiner will help you kick your content generation into high gear.

6. SocialFresh: 7 Ways Smart Businesses are Leveraging Klout

Do you have Klout? According to social media education company SocialFresh, you should. (And I agree.) The Klout service measures social media users’ influence ā€” finally, a way to gather intelligence on your social media marketing efforts! This article highlights just some of the ways you can harness the power of Klout.

7. Breakthrough Business Radio: Social Media ROI with Olivier Blanchard

Michelle Price, a social media consultant, hosts the Breakthrough Business Strategies Internet radio show. Download episodes to listen to while you’re multitasking (the episodes are on the lengthy side) or listen at your desk, but do listen. In this episode, author Olivier Blanchard talks social media ROI. While you’re at it, also check out the site that hosts this radio show. BlogTalkRadio is a fast-growing “social radio network” that lets anyone with a telephone and a computer host these radio shows.

8. Business Insider’s Ultimate Guide: How to Create a Business Social Media Strategy from Start to Finish

This article serves as an index of sorts to Business Insider articles on social media strategy. Read up on everything the business site has posted on social media strategies, from the planning stage, to what NOT to do in social media, to tips for specific social media applications.

Bonus fun site: Visual Loop

Visual Loop is a Tumblr devoted to links to infographics, maps, charts and other visualizations.


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