Welcome, Spring!


Today, March 20, is the first official day of spring.

Here’s the latest effort in my card-making project, created in honor of the first day of spring! I didn’t particularly follow any templates/examples from my A Card A Day book for this one, but I did get the idea to make a “welcome, Spring” card from it. For the first time, except for a couple years spent away at college, I am officially living in a place where spring does actually make an appearance in line with the calendar. It’s lovely. At “home,” the leaves don’t usually sprout until about the first week of May, and an April snowstorm is not an anomaly. (Although I hear they did have some unseasonably warm days this past week.)

As a Southern transplant, my Mom still especially feels the effects of prolonged winter, even after 26 years in the North. So, I sent her this card to brighten her remaining winter-like days. Hopefully she finds it to be a nice spot of color to remind her spring will come. It always does … eventually.


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