Cardmaking and reading


My first attempt at using all my new crafting supplies to make a card.

Today is Read Across America Day, and I thought it would be fun to have my first attempt at card-making coincide with it. The program is geared toward fostering a love of reading in children and is sponsored by the National Education Association. It also coincides — not coincidentally — with Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Parents and other caring adults are encouraged to read with their kids today. So here it is: My first card. It’s based on an idea in the A Card A Day book I’ve mentioned, but the “be a star” part is my idea. I’ve decided it’s alright, for a first attempt.

I was blessed to have parents who read to me often when I was a child. I’m sure that’s a large part of why I love to read so much now. Before I could read, the book I most asked my parents to read to me over and over was Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. After I could read on my own, I loved the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary. So what were your favorite books as a child?


2 thoughts on “Cardmaking and reading

  1. my father would read to me at bedtime, when he was home, which was a little rare but always so special. my most requested titles were, “Miss Suzy” and “Sneakers”. i remember enjoying “The Secret Garden” in grade school. i wasn’t a huge reader as a child, but i thoroughly enjoyed reading aloud to my children for homeschool. i probably got better-read through that than anything else, and it was enjoyable to share those wonderful stories with them–many of them being for the first time for all of us. memorable titles from that time are, “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch”, “The Endless Steppe”, “The Hiding Place” and “A Banner in the Sky”. so many other worthwhile reads, too–too numerous to mention! it is a very happy and warm memory for me, i hope it is for them, too! 🙂

  2. I can remember the lightbulb going off in first grade. “I’m reading!” We were reading the Spot and Sally books; don’t remember the exact titles.

    I loved going to the library, and when grown took my daughters often. Favorite books? Hmmm… the Bobsey twins series, the Triplets series, Nancy Drew, “Meg Plays Fair” “The Enchanted Castle” “A Little Princess” “Alice in Wonderland” “Ramona Beasley” “Little House” series, etc etc.

    I still enjoy a good book. Have bookshelves full of them…

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