Time to get crafty


I paid a visit to Michael's craft supplies store yesterday. Whenever they ask if I found everything I needed, I always feel a smidge guilty because I find MORE than I needed. That store can be dangerous!

Last weekend I went to a Borders closing sale and picked up the A Card A Day compilation book by PaperCrafts. Ever since the wedding — and really even before that, the wedding just exacerbated it — I’ve been wanting to learn more about/get better at paper crafting. When it comes to art and crafty things, I often feel like I’m more of a “creative director” than an artist. I know what I like and how I want a particular project to look, I’m just not so good at all the fine details of the execution of the project. I was so blessed to have such an artistic sister/MOH to help me out so much with wedding projects!

Anyway, in an effort to expand my horizons in this area a bit, I bought this book hoping I could use it as a basis for a continuing project to give me some practice. The book has 365 examples of cards, one for each day of the year. At first I thought I would just work my way through the book, but I’ve come to realize it’s really better to use it for the ideas. Some of the cards are so specific that if I was trying to copy each one exactly, I’d spend much too much cash on supplies. Instead, I will use the book as a springboard for ideas to get me started. Some of my finished projects may resemble cards in the book more closely than others. Also, I’m not going to promise a literal card-a-day output. But I want to have at least one new card a week to show — maybe more as I get faster at it.

And of course, this meant a trip to Michael’s to take advantage of the President’s Day week sale and stock up on supplies! I try to stay out of that store because I can go a little crazy. Trips to Michael’s during the months leading up to the wedding often resulted in new wedding-related projects, simply because I’d seen something I liked and got another idea while in the store. But as I told my sweetie, what we bought today for my card-creating project will last me for a loooong time. To which he replied that it better not last forever, because I better be using the stuff that he is excited for me on my new endeavor.

Behold my new supplies!


Pretty ribbon!


Stamps and papers.

I’m excited about trying this project, and I’m going to try to not get discouraged even if my early efforts aren’t so stellar. Look for my first attempts in the first few days of March … aka later this week!


Some of my new crafting supplies.


One thought on “Time to get crafty

  1. Looks like you not only enjoy crafting, but Photoshop-ing too! The images on your web site are really quite artistic! Guess it is in the genes.

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