Bye-bye Borders


book covers
I picked up some new books at a Borders closing sale.

The Borders book store in our town is one of those being closed because of the chain’s recent bankruptcy filing (sad face). But that means store closing sale (happy face!) The sale seemed to be quite the draw, even though they weren’t rock-bottom prices. We came on the second day of the sale, so the bestsellers and new arrivals out front were pretty picked over, but there were plenty of other choices farther in. The line to pay snaked part-way around the store. I should have worn more comfortable shoes.

I had to limit myself, so I got the first three pictured above. The first, A Card a Day, I plan to see if I can’t make my way through. (More on that to come.) The second, Re-Bound, looks really neat. It’s all about how to create homemade books, complete with instructions and ideas for materials! I’ve been wanting to learn more about this, so maybe this will kick-start my efforts. The third book, The Cheese Chronicles, represents my love of food writing … and my fascination with artisanal cheeses. It should be an interesting read.

The last book pictured,  Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book, was one of the ones I had to force myself to put back on the shelf. Instead of telling you how to build books, this guide is all about how to deconstruct old books and use them to create something new. It was gorgeous to look at, but I’m not sure I’m ready to start tearing books apart yet. My sweetie volunteered some of his old books, but I wasn’t sure I had the heart for it. Books are precious. First I want to learn how to put them together. Maybe someday I will be ready to deconstruct them.

So those are my store closing finds. I could go on about how this store closing is indicative of the sad state of traditional book publishing these days, and demonstrative of the fact that how we read is changing. I could speculate about the fate of the local bookstores. (Will they survive where big chains cannot? Or will they wither also?)

But I won’t.

Instead I will wonder where the older gentleman who could usually be found in the Travel section, pontificating for the unwary who encountered him, will hold court in the future. Today he was still there, expounding on his latest grand idea. I thought for sure he would be bemoaning the loss of his “place”, but if he is, I didn’t hear it. Is he resigned to his fate, like the woman who sadly cashed us out? What is next for them?



2 thoughts on “Bye-bye Borders

  1. Looking forward to seeing those hand-made cards and books! Too bad you don’t live closer so that we could get together over some coffee and make cards and books…have fun!

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