Adoption is the new pregnant

Adoption is the new pregnant: Catchy slogan for a worthy cause.

Adoption is expensive. Depending on all the factors at work, the cost to bring a child into a family through adoption ranges from a couple thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars or more.

One family is taking an unusual — and creative — step to help defray the costs of their second adoption. All proceeds from a shop on Etsy, thenewpregnant, will go toward the costs related to this adoption.

I am always intrigued by how people use digital media, and this is certainly something unique. Personally, I think the T-shirts are rather cute and their slogan is certainly catchy. It’s possible something like this could have even a broader impact. I could see this being used as the foundation of a campaign to raise awareness of adoption issues in general, not just for this family.

I’ve often heard people say that families should consider adoption first, because so many children who are already born need loving homes. What I don’t hear discussed as often are the often-prohibitive costs of adoption. Many families can support a child comfortably day-to-day, but coming up with a lump sum of $30K or so up front is much more difficult.

So what do you think? Is this a smart/creative use of digital media?


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