Do me a favor?

I designed our bookmark wedding favors myself. (Photo by Perez Sisters Photography)

My recent wedding allowed me the perfect excuse to search the web, magazines and catalogs to drool over and get inspired by all the pretty paper paraphernalia that goes in to making a wedding beautiful. Both hubby and I are currently grad students, so we didn’t have a lot of dough: Perfect formula for do-it-yourself! I wanted our wedding to be beautiful AND be affordable, without looking as if we cut all sorts of corners.

As it turned out (surprise!) thoughtful, personalized wedding favors don’t come cheap. We (OK, I) toyed with the idea of making homemade jam to match our wedding color (purple), but even just the little jars added up quickly, not to mention the amount of time it would take to make all that jam. We very wanted to do something a little different that really suited us as a couple. Finally, we decided to have bookmarks as our wedding favors, because we both are bookworms and they are actually practical!

I designed these bookmarks in PhotoShop and had them printed through They provided a template for size. They were affordable — in the bulk run, each bookmark really only cost cents — and professionally printed on good-quality, glossy stock. I purchased a digital package of the butterfly images from an artist on Etsy to use in several of my wedding projects. After the printed bookmarks came, I punched the holes and threaded the tassels myself — with the help of a wonderful MOH/sister! It took some time, but was definitely worth it. For us, these bookmarks were a very fitting — and affordable — wedding favor.


6 thoughts on “Do me a favor?

  1. Thanks for publishing a post to our beautiful favors at our beautiful wedding. I really appreciate all of the work you did on them. I hope for all the best for your blog. Love you, Alan

  2. Yes, those pretty bookmarks. Which I am currently using in the book I am about to begin reading. I remember threading a good number of those tassels myself. Yes, Heidi you got your love for books honestly…. (her mom and dad have reams of them also!) One thing about books also is their smell. You can almost tell a good book if it has that distinctive smell of ink and paper… Can’t be musty.

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